LickinFlames Yarn Bowls

LickinFlames is a pottery business out of Nevada City, California that produces one of a kind yarn bowls using the following techniques: Obvara, Carbon Painted, Saggar and Raku. Each yarn bowl is unique and would make a great gift!

"Fermented ceramics is a 4-6 centuries old ceramics technology where the glass-like glaze enriched with metal oxides is replaced by rye-flour yeast."
The process starts out with a slurry that reminds one of stale beer and ends up smelling like a lovely LickinFlames bread.

"A SAGGAR is a fireclay container, usually oval or round, used to protect pottery from marking by flames and smoke during firing in a bottle oven."
Of course at LickinFlameswe don't do anything like it was originally intended to be done.

carbon painting
Carbon Painting with feathers and horsehair are dramatic techniques. We use a variety of feathers but where LickinFlamesgets the horsehair is just too cool.

Raku in its Eastern form would be a simple technique, closely associated with Zen and tea ceremonies. However, this is not the same raku that we use at LickinFlames.